Stone Painting Face Painting Art

Face painting is fine art, and has probably started at the beginning of civilization. In almost every tribalist culture, face painting was performed when record or for ceremonies or merely just for the beauty of it. Back then they used clay and other natural pigments. Face painting is getting more and more popular in the world.

I was shocked at the first sight at the pictures of face painting. The artist is talented with painting creative design. I decied to introduce the art to the world, so more people will have the chance to see the beauty of face painting art. I can imagine face painting will emerge as an actual art form. Maybe, there will be a never-ending discussion about it's social acceptability because stone painting practically looks simple.

Many people like to buy a copy or print of a painting because they can save money to buy a cheap imitation of the real image. But quite a lot of people don't realize, tohave a copy of someone's painting will not add in value as time goes by, the original piece will. When apply the painting skill to stone, stone painting art has a special value attached. Every piece of painting is original; no one else has the same piece. No one can copy the same stone. As time goes by the value of the stone painting art increases due to the fact that it is irreplaceable.

With regard to stone painting, many people maybe do not understand or realize the knowledge and skill required to create such beautiful stone painting. It takes years of practice to learn the many aspects of painting to be able to go from amateur to professional artist. Then the painting can be applied to stone art.

The aspiring artist must learn their skill either by art school or self taught methods, then practice hardly and hone these skills enough to become a professional artist. This unseen diligent work is what so many people who know very little about creating stone painting assume is easy.

The build up of stone painting skills takes years and it is invaluable when it has taken the artist tens of years to get to the stage of stone painting artist. How do you put a price on experience? The opportunity of purchasing original stone painting is out there to obtain. Really understanding the intrinsic value of purchasing an original piece of stone painting art depends on the persons level of art appreciation and their understanding of investment value.

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