Face painting art in Peking Opera

In China, face painting art is very popular in all kinds of operas. The famous one in the world is peking opera. All the figures in the opera have different face paintings to indicate their characters in the opera. So in fact, face painting in opera is not done for beauty decoration only.

Usually Red face painting stands for the figure characters are loyalty, and bravery as well, black face painting indicates the figure is powerful and wise people, yellow and white face paintings represent the figure is fierce and cunning, blue and green face painting depict very wild type of outlaws, gold and silver face paintings indicates the figure is mysterious or super-natural.

Now more and more people make some masks with face painting on it same as the figure in opera. These face paintings are loved be peking opera funs. A lot of foreigners began to study Chinese history and they collect a lot of peking opera face painting masks.

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