Fun Rock Painting Projects

Art rocks are painted by rock artist painter from Singapore. She has been painting on stone for years. Her main theme of art rocks are products combied of her creative and the inspiration from the rock's natural shape.
Rock artist paint on stones with subjects like animals, flowers, cartoons, etc. As an artist she engames herself to achieve the highest degree of art and express herself by the beauty of nature through nature herself. As a rock artist, art rocks have studied painting skills and learnt from trials and fails. She is happy to share her artistic experience. She teaches stone painting in small class at art schools, primary schools, gifts groups, and decoration workshops. She is proceeding with the goal of spreading this art form on stones in her international life.
On the blog http://stonepaintingart.blogspot.com she provided a showcase of artist's creations. You can contact her for more information. To those who wish to learn with her, she put on site several painting demotrations, with step-by-step pictures and detailed instructions.

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