Learning experience from business fair

Our artist made a lot of beautiful paintings on Rocks. All of us love these art rocks. Our team deams this will be great opportunity. We expect more people will join our business franchise of education about how to paint on rocks as well as parents let their kids learn how to draw pictures on Rocks.

The fair was held in the shopping center. Our team members work hard try to attract more people come. I distributed flyers in the hot street to people. Most people just take the flyer and go away. So I should talk to people who has more interestes in the fair. I come back to the shopping center and find customers in other shops. They don't mind spending some time in the same building for a fancy fair. Then more people are persuaded to take a look at the business fair. This is my first learning experience: talk to people who need it.

In our art rock displaying booth, most people love our art rocks. They just love them, quite a few buy the rocks as gift. Even we provide a training course for painting on rocks, but they just don't have time to learn it!?

This is my second learning experience: Sell what people want, not what people need. People need it, even they don't buy they can still live. If people want, they has the desire to get the stuff. Our art rocks are deemed as hobbies. Most people need, but they has less desire to achieve it.

I am making progress. I will still distribute art to the world, even this is not a fast way to make more money. But art can provide self-satisfaction in their mind, provide peace life and calm down the emotions. When people calm down, they will be more healthy and happy!

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