Step by step instruction of how to paint on stone

Step by step instruction of how to paint on stone

If you want to express with painting on rocks, we can give you an instruction. Before we start, you need prepare stone, paint and brush.

We suggest you use sphere stone to paint.

Acrylic paints should be soluble paints in water, which much like watercolour paints. The benefit of acrylic is that it dries very fast and are water-ressistant when dry. So we suggest using acrylic paints and they are perfect paint for stone painting.

Step 1: To sketch the stone with pencil. If you want to paint a bucket of flower, you should sketch the basket first, then sketch the flowers.

Step 2: Paint your sketch with their unique colors and markings. And even paint in details.

Step 3: Let your art dries, then varnish it a couple of times to protect the paint. This takes several days to dry.

Step 4: When your art work is finished, just enjoy the happiness of your great achievement.

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